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Serious Representation For Felony Drug Charges

Drug use does not carry the same stigma it once did, especially since recreational marijuana was legalized. Nonetheless, possession and trafficking of other controlled substances are vigorously prosecuted in Washington state, and the federal government still takes a hardline stance on all drug crimes. A felony conviction can result in extreme, life-altering consequences.

The Law Office of Robert D. Butler provides a skilled and aggressive defense for high-stakes drug charges. I strive for a dismissal in every case, and I have achieved favorable outcomes for many clients in both negotiations and court proceedings. Call my Bellingham office at 360-325-7242 for a free consultation. I practice in state and federal courts of Whatcom County and the surrounding jurisdictions.

Drug Crime Defense In Northwest Washington

I am criminal defense attorney Bob Butler. In my 25-plus years of practice, I have defended clients on the full range of drug crimes, from simple possession to major federal drug busts involving kilos of narcotics and tons of marijuana. I handle both state and federal drug charges and related criminal matters including:

  • Misdemeanor possession of marijuana (one ounce to 40 grams)
  • Felony amount or unlicensed sale of marijuana
  • Cultivating marijuana without a license
  • Possession of controlled substances (cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.)
  • Unauthorized possession or distribution of prescription drugs
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking
  • Maintaining a structure for drug use or distribution
  • Money laundering
  • Asset seizure and forfeiture

Defenses And Mitigation

Drug charges are chiefly tied to the amount. There is little difference between a legal amount of pot (up to 28 grams) and felony possession (over 40 grams), but the punishment for crossing that line is severe. Likewise, possessing certain street drugs is charged as intent to distribute – with much stiffer penalties – if you are caught with a certain quantity. Drug trafficking charges are also based on the quantity seized, even without other evidence of distribution.

I examine the circumstances of a drug arrest, including the legality of traffic stops and searches of your vehicle or residence. I pursue all viable defenses, from reliability of informants to Fourth Amendment violations, and explore all opportunities to resolve the charges favorably. The state of Washington is somewhat progressive, recognizing that drug use is often driven by addiction and mental health issues. Where appropriate, I work to get my clients into drug treatment, counseling and/or deferred prosecution in lieu of incarceration. For serious felony drug crimes, such as federal drug charges that carry mandatory minimum prison time, I am prepared to go to trial to fight for your freedom if we cannot get the case dismissed or key evidence suppressed.

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If you or a family member has been arrested on drug charges, you need experienced advice and representation. Call my Bellingham law office at 360-325-7242 to arrange a free consultation, or contact me online. I will strongly assert your rights and work hard to protect you from the worst consequences.